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5 Things To Consider When Buying A Condominium

Many people choose to buy a condo over a single-family home for several reasons. Whether it’s the convenience of downtown living, the pride of ownership without yard work or the affordability over single-family homes. Is buying a condo right for you? Only you can make that decision, but here are few things to consider. Condo ownership means shared responsibility One of the factors that attract...

Thing to know about the appraisal

6 Things To Know About The Appraisal Process

When you and your real estate agent wrote an offer on a property, you most likely made the offer contingent on a few items, such as home inspection, financing, and appraisal. If you have your financing in place and you are satisfied with the home inspection results, then you are on a home stretch pending appraisal.  What is a home appraisal? A home appraisal is an estimate of a property’s value....

Monthly mortgage payment includes

Your Monthly Mortgage Payment Will Include The Following 4 Items

Before you apply for a mortgage and find your dream home make sure you are capable of paying back more than what you have borrowed. During your mortgage approval process, your lender will assist you in planning your payments and determine what you can afford. It is staggering news that for a 30-year mortgage of $300000 you will end up paying back over $500000 at current interest rates. To help you better...

Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act

Are You Selling Your Home? Beware Of FIRTPA

The Foreign Investment In Real Property Tax Act of 1980 (FIRTPA) is a United States tax law that imposes income tax on foreign persons disposing of United States real property interest. To ensure tax collection from foreign taxpayers, FIRPTA requires buyers of U.S. real property interests to withhold 15% of the sales price. Sounds weird, right?  Prior to 1981 if a foreign individual bought and...

Florida Homestead Exemption

Florida Homestead Exemption. Why Is It Important To You?

Ah yes, everyone’s favorite subject: Taxes. Like it or not you will be required to pay property taxes on a property you own. The purpose of property taxes is for local governments to pay for public services, such as law enforcement, fire protection, schools, roads, and so on. In Florida, there are three primary taxing districts: city, county, and school board. In addition, there could be several smaller...

Should home buyers hire their own real estate agent?

Should Home Buyers Hire Their Own Real Estate Agent?

Many times this question comes up. Should you hire your own real estate agent when you are the buyer? And the answer is: Absolutely! Navigating the home purchase process can be a tricky deal. In today’s technologically advanced world and with the existence of many Internet real estate sites, such as Zillow and realtor.com many homebuyers think it’s better to not hire their own real estate agent....

Buyer's Closing Costs Explained

Buyer’s Closing Costs Explained

As a homebuyer, you should be prepared to have at least a couple of months worth of housing expenses saved up. Along with money towards your down payment, which could range from almost nothing to 20 percent of your purchase price or even more if you so desire; how about the fees known as closing costs. Closing costs range from points charged in connection with your loan to courier or attorney fees charged...

To buy or to rent

To Buy or To Rent?

I know a number of people who lost their homes during the financial crisis, it seems that the housing market is not the sure thing like everyone thought it was. Is homeownership really what it is cracked up to be?  Back in 2006 many were buying properties because general advice was “ You should buy because home prices are always going up”. Obviously, this was not good advice. So what to do now, seems...

How to find the right property to buy

How To Find The Right Property For You?

As a home buyer, is there something that can be done to find the right property for you? With an abundance of homes on the market, what can a home seller do to make their shopping experience a little easier? Here are some tips to get started. Start with a budget Find out how much home you can afford and get pre-approved from a lender of your choice. With a pre-approval in hand, you are ready to...

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