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Jorjani's International Real Estate's mortgage calculator estimates your monthly mortgage payment based on number of factors. Your mortgage payment includes principal, interest, down payment, loan term homeowners insurance and property taxes and PMI if required. HOA fees are not included.

Mortgage Calculator

  • Principal & Interest
  • Property Tax
  • Home Insurance
  • PMI

Additional Things To Consider

How much house can you afford?

Generally speaking you should try to keep your house payment lower than 30% of your monthly gross income. That should include mortgage principal and interest, property taxes, insurance, HOA fees and PMI. Going above the 30% threshold could impact your ability to save for unforeseen expenses.

How is your monthly payment calculated?

The formula used is: P=L*(C*(1+C)^N)/((1+C)^N-1), where P= Monthly mortgage payment L= Loan amount C= Mortgage interest rate N= Number of monthly payments

What can be done to lower the payment?

There are few things that can be done to lower your monthly mortgage payments. Try different scenarios on the mortgage calculator, but some ways to reduce your mortgage payments are as follows:

What type of mortgage is right for me?

While each situation is different, here are some guiding principles for each type of mortgage.

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